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Where Did All the Thin Places Go?

New Seeds of Creation

An Unbound Family of God

Reading 1 Corinthians 14 as a Dialogue

Two Ways to Approach the Women's Roles Discussion

God's New Creation

The Spirit Leads us to Freedom

Original Goodness and Pentecost

And They Knew They Were Naked

Wait in Jerusalem...

Acts and the Two Halves of Life

When the Spirit Moves Faster than the Church

As If You Could Assist Grace

You're a What from Where?

Healing for the Soul

"Do Not Be Ashamed" - A Commentary

As It Is Written in the Prophets

Cars, Walled Cities, and Loving Your Neighbor

The English Bible Before the KJV

The Breath of Life

I'm Glad This is a Thing We Do

A Confluence of Voices

They Said Nothing to Anyone

Different Ways of Translating the Bible

It Takes a Village

The Perface to the KJV: Not What You'd Expect

The World Has Gone After Him

The Origin and Value of the Septuagint

A Lonely Grain of Wheat

My Interests Lately

God's Love Lifted Up

The Hard Lessons We Learn

Overturning Interior Tables

Preaching Jesus Versus Preaching Baptism

The Cost of Discipleship

Jesus as the New Adam

The Land Could Not Support Both of Them

Year B: Transfiguration Sunday

Updates for Hebrews and 1 John

The Other Day I Felt Like I Couldn't Do Anything

Year B: Sixth Sunday After Epiphany

Year B: Fifth Sunday After Epiphany

Year B: Fourth Sunday After Epiphany

To Be Honest, I'm Kind of Bored

But What Kind of Bears?

Year B: Third Sunday After Epiphany

Snow Days, COVID, and a Whole Lot of Reading

Year B: Second Sunday After Epiphany

The Wisdom of the Bible or Scholars?

Year B: First Sunday After Epiphany

Moses and the Suffering of Christ

Praying "Thy Kingdom Come"

Year B: First Sunday After Christmas