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And I Didn't Even Get to Lead Singing

Year B: Fourth Sunday of Advent

Chicken Poop, Red Flags, and Spreadsheets

I Got to Interview Rob Bell

But What About that Verse?

I Passed a Few Tests in My Time

Year B: Third Sunday of Advent

But How Do Things Grow

I Struggle With Authenticity

Don't Forsake the Assembly? (Part 1)

I Stole a Rock and It Didn't Work

Year B: Second Sunday of Advent

Year B: First Sunday of Advent

Defeating Grace Through Memory Work

I'm Not Sure if I Buy the Idea of Sacraments as a Means of Grace (Part 2)

Not Handmade, Not of this Creation

Year B: Introduction to the Lectionary and Resources

I'm Not Sure if I Buy the Idea of Sacraments as a Means of Grace

Behold the Pattern!

All I Can Think About is Peace

The Previous Commandment was Weak and Not Useful

When You Live in the Holy Place...

You Have Become Lazy Listeners

Exploring Faith, Pursuing Grace

The Rest Joshua Couldn't Give

Associates in a Heavenly Calling

A Guy With a Beard and a Boat

The Coming Inhabited World...

We All Need a Little More Sabbath

Stringed Instruments Have Made You Glad

Who Didn't Write Hebrews?

The Antichrist, the Temptation of Jesus, and Christian Nationalism

The Limits of Interpretation

There is Sin Not Toward Death

Reading the Bible as a Book...or Books

An Explosion of Love

What I Hope You Get Out of This

The Shift from Death to Life

Embracing Tradition as Tradition

Obey What Commandments?

Revelation as Another Violent Creation Story?

The Bible has a Different Punchline

Is it Okay for Worship to be a Performance?

A Journey through the Dark Night

Jesus Spends All Day Sweeping

Excessive Grace!

A Common Life With God and Each Other

Confession Should Be as Public as the Sin

Romans 12:1 - Calculated Worship

Romans 12:1 - Calculated Worship

Scot McKnight's Translation of Romans

Let the Easy Texts Interpret the Hard Texts?

Not a Spirit of Slavery Leading to Fear

Would God Really Throw It To the Dogs?

There is So Much to Say

Who Does Jesus Want Them to Fear? Matthew 10:28

"I Have Not Come to Bring Peace"

Some Thoughts on Elders: Qualifications (1/)

A Bit About How I Write Sermons

Old Interpretations Still Influence How You Think

That's Some Good Coffee

Worshipping with My Son

Falling into the Hands of God

Always Be Ready to Give an Answer

Why I Laugh All the Time

Knowing The End from the Beginning

A Church Where Unbelievers Worship God

"What Makes the Church of Christ Different?"

Pretending We have No Sin

Sickness as a Call to Rest

Jesus's Way is Actually Easy - We Make it Hard

Why Does the Leaf Fall?

Hiking, Being Comfortable, and the Cross

Here Be Dragons

Hiking as a Spiritual Practice

Discovering Renewal and Graduation

Leviticus Handouts!

The Problem with Being a Zebra

Follow My Audio Book!

Violent Language and Violence Among Believers

How Are You Doing? really.

Handouts, Sermons, and a Ministry Update

In the Beginning was Relationship

Confucius, Punishment, and Perfect Love

Not Saved Alone - Work Out Your Own Salvation

Church Division: A Side Effect of COVID

Baptism, Abraham, and Salvation

Marks of a True Church

The Immeasurable Depth of the Mystery of God

Who is God? A Quote by Carl Carretto

On the Cross, the Love of God was Magnified

Traditions: Good or Bad?

"May My Steps be Worship..." Do We Believe That?

A Great Quote on Organized Religion

Do All Women Have to Stay Silent in Every Church?

Truth is a Person, Not a List of Doctrines

A Few Thoughts on Calvinism

The Marks of a True Christian… Challenged

A Birthday Surprise: My eBook is $7

Avoiding Violent Language

William Paul Young on Changing While Showing Grace

Wendell Berry on Alternatives to War